A Winning Mentality

Andy Murray

Andy Murray (Photo credit: Carine06)

How many times have you watched a tennis match and been frustrated by your hero’s lack of mental strength?  When they choke at a big point, or seem to be playing really well, then suddenly lose it.  Or, they come out on court for an important match and never really seem there, or seem scared.  If you’re British, it often seems like it’s a disease that’s particularly our own, but its not.

To take a British example, look at Andy Murray.  He never seemed to quite make it and I would be the first to say it was not his lack of tennis skill, rather his mental strength that was letting him down.  In fact, he has admitted it himself that working with a psychologist has freed his mind up to win.

It’s not just the pros that sufferer this problem though.  Are you like me, that you never play as well in a match as you do in practice?  Well, working with a sports psychologist when I visited the JC Ferrero academy in Spain has begun to change that – I’m still not there one hundred percent, but just a few tricks of the trade have made a big difference.  I would go so far as to say that it if you get your mental game in place, then you have already one the match.

When I returned to Cyprus, I sought out an expert here and eventually found one by accident.  Elena Avraam is a BASES and AASP accredited sport and exercise psychology consultant.  Now we are working on our first seminar here in Pafos.

So, make a date in your diary for the 28th March, when you can join us at Neapolis University to learn more about how to add at least another 15% to your performance 🙂  It’s open to everyone.

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