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“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

– John F Kennedy

Tennis can be a fun way to get fit.  And, why not?  If though ,you would like to improve your general fitness, tone up, lose weight, or get fit for tennis to improve your performance, we can help you.  It doesn’t matter whether you are starting from scratch or looking for competitive conditioning, or whether you are 5 or 65 years old.

What you may not realise is that specific fitness programmes can be developed to:

–                increase power, strength & endurance

–                increase speed and agility

–                maximise injury prevention

Therefore I have put together a support staff  for Tennis Coaching that is second to none.  Jacqui Ball is an expert not only in personal training and sports therapy, but in Tennis Fitness specifically.  She worked with the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) for 8 years as an assistant coach specialising in fitness.  She played a key role in the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative and trained not just players, but the ball boys and girls.  In fact Jacqui was herself a ball girl at Wimbledon.

She has numerous qualifications, including:

–            Active IQ Certificate in Personal Training from Solar Fitness

–            Active IQ Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy from Solar Fitness

–            Core Strength & Stability Ball Training (very good for tennis)

Starting with an initial consultation, Jacqui can design a personalised programme to suit you, which may be on-court, in the gym, indoor or outdoor.

Individual or group sessions can be arranged.

An hours personal training session with Jacqui starts at around €25

Contact Jacqui on 99 055843

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