Women’s Tennis Lessons in Paphos

Freedom classes have taken off.  We have a group in Coral Bay that have a great time every Saturday at 9am.  Progress has been quick and after only a few lessons, they are playing games.  The men had better watch out!

Freedom Classes

Freedom Classes

Pafos Tennis Lessons for women will shortly start.  Are you interested, or know anyone who is? The idea is that many women are more comfortable working out or doing sport in a class only with other women.  It’s also a chance to meet other women, chat, get fit and learn how to play tennis. Some will be in the mornings aimed at those of you wishing to escape from the children for an hour while they are at school, while others will be in the evening for those of you who work.

So, get your trainers on, bring a bottle of water and come have some fun!

3 thoughts on “Women’s Tennis Lessons in Paphos

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