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As a tennis coach, I always think it is good to have a goal and to see something to aspire to.  At the moment, there’s no Davis Cup action, but you might want to come this Saturday 5th of November to the ATL 500 Singles and Doubles finals   at Aphrodite’s Hills.  It’s an opportunity to see some great amateur tennis, soak up the atmosphere of one of the best tennis centres in Cyprus and meet other people to play tennis with.  If you’ve ever complained that you can’t find people to play with, why not come along, you’re sure to find someone there who you can arrange to play with.  There’s shaded seating, a bar and of course ice cream.

So, down to the Tennis Finals themselves.  After a number of tough matches, the players in the Singles Final are:

Dimitris Georgiou (3)  v Loukas Stylianou (13)

In the Doubles final, the following players will be fighting it out:

Yannos Trillides and Menelaos Theodoulou
Loukas Toumazis and Colin Relton

Good luck to everyone and hope to see you there!!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the ATL Tennis tournaments click here.  They are open to complete beginners through to advanced players and I certainly hope that some of my pupils will be playing in these tournaments next year.

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